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Celebrating the first birthday is a parent favorite! Our cake smash starts with a milestone photo in your outfit out choice. You can bring your own or choose from our wardrobe closet in our Mansfield photography studio. We then go into a fun "cake smash" to truly celebrate your baby's special day. You can also on a custom milk bath and enjoy a custom "Smash and Splash."

Our cake smash sessions include the cake, petite album and digitals.

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Mansfield and Burleson Cake Smash Photographer

What is Cake Smash Photography?

As your child’s first birthday approaches, you’ll surely want to commemorate the occasion. Although this milestone birthday is often celebrated with family and friends, you’ll also want to memorialize the event with a first birthday photo session that captures every moment of cake-smashing glee with stunning, professional photos. A cake smash photo session is a unique way to celebrate this important moment in your baby’s life, with professional sets, lighting, and photography that make your child the star of the show.

At Bree Adams Photography, we want you to enjoy a stress-free experience, which is why we go at your child’s pace, to ensure that the photo session is all about little ones having the time of their lives. This fun and intimate session will not only perfectly capture your tiny tot’s joy at smashing his or her first birthday cake, but ensure that every adorable moment is preserved for you to treasure.

When to Schedule Your Photo Session

Many parents like to schedule their session on their child’s first birthday, and this means contacting your cake smash photographer in Mansfield well in advance to ensure an appointment on your preferred day. However, you needn’t fret if the date you prefer isn’t available, you’re busy with a party on the baby's actual birthday, or if your child’s first birthday has already passed. By scheduling your session within a few weeks of this milestone, you can still preserve the image and essence of your baby around the 1-year mark, delighting in the destruction of his or her very own cake.

Who Should I Include in This Special Event?

Cake smash photography is intended to commemorate a special milestone in your baby’s life, and as such, the photographs will be of your child only, although parents and family members are welcome to attend. The goal is for your baby to experience the joy of smashing a cake, as well as splashing in a milk bath (depending on the package you choose), all while your talented cake smash photographer captures every moment of fun.

Preparing for Your Cake Smash Photo Session

Before your photography session, you’ll want to gather any outfits or props you’d like to include. You may want to bring special toys or other items that could encourage your child to smile or laugh during the session.

We also have a wide range of outfits and props for you to choose from at our studio. Take time to consider whether you want outfits and props to match, and if you’d like to switch up outfits between the milestone photos (posed without the cake) and the cake smash portion of your photo session. You can also choose to include a warm milk bath after the cake smash to wash off sticky frosting, relax your baby, and enhance your first-birthday photo experience.

What to Expect with Cake Smash Photography in Mansfield

Don’t worry about bringing a cake – we’re happy to provide one suitable for your session, and we’ll also provide the warm “spa” milk bath if you select the “Smash & Splash” package. Your session will be conducted in the Bree Adams Photography studio using simple backgrounds and props to ensure that your baby’s first birthday experience is the focus, and your child is the center of attention in every photo.

Our cake smash sessions are child-led, for your baby’s comfort and enjoyment. You can typically expect a session to last about an hour, but times will vary. If you choose our “Smash & Splash” session, with a milk bath following the cake smash, you should plan for a longer session. Please arrive a little early to go over the details before we begin.

Ultimately, our job is to ensure a fun experience for you and your child, one that celebrates and commemorates this important milestone, complete with incredible photos to capture every precious moment. We take our time to ensure a joyous experience you’ll never forget.

After Your Session

When you choose Bree Adams Photography for your child’s first birthday cake smash photography in Mansfield, you’ll get more than just a great day with your baby. You’ll also gain access to digital copies of the entire session afterwards, with photos that are professionally edited to capture every unique facet of your child’s personality at age one. In addition, we’ll select several of the best shots to include in your petite album, to ensure that this special moment in time is yours to enjoy and share.

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