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The first year of a baby’s life they change constantly. This is one of the sweetest and quickest stages for your baby and you. Their first mark of independence. IN A BLINK...your baby will triple their size in the first year and completely transform from completely a brand new life to an independent walking and running child. It happens THAT fast! Our Deluxe package is a fabulous way to capture that fleeting first year!

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Milestone Photography in Mansfield

The day a child is born, it’s hard to imagine that precious bundle of joy as an up and running 1-year-old. It might even seem impossible that such a tiny being will one day be moving at full speed around the house.

The first year of a baby’s life is truly a gift, but time moves quickly, and capturing every moment is important. Those looking to make the most of first-year memories can begin by booking a milestone photography package with Bree Adams Photography.

Memorable and Meaningful Milestone Photography with Bree Adams

Between the moment they arrive in the world and their first birthday, a child’s first year of life is brimming over with major milestones. Parents look forward to all of the inspiring firsts from tummy time achievements and the arrival of teeth to sitting up and eventually walking!

Bree Adams is a milestone photographer in Mansfield who has dedicated herself to capturing all of these meaningful moments on film. Photographing a child’s important developmental steps on camera is a great way for families to cherish these moments for years to come.

Milestone photography is a unique way of celebrating achievements in a baby’s life and sessions with Bree Adams are always child-led. The experience moves at the baby’s pace to capture moments of fun with authenticity and ease. Parents can be part of the photographs as well, commemorating those exciting times spent together at this stage of life.

When to Schedule a Milestone Photography Session

Changes happen fast during that first year of life, which means parents are often advised to schedule multiple sessions in advance to keep up with their child’s growth. It’s no secret that capturing every important moment takes a bit of planning ahead.

The first newborn session is often booked when a baby is 7 to 14 days old. Follow-up photography sessions are recommended at 7- 10 months and 12-18 months respectively with the option to include more or less always available.

While all children inevitably reach milestones at very different rates, there are exciting events to look out for at each step that tend to be similar. Scheduling a session in advance guarantees you’ll get your appointment when the time is right and capture each of those moments through pictures.

The 7-10 months milestone photography session is all about a baby’s developing smile. This is the time when little ones begin to show expressions that are truly one of a kind and unique to their personalities. The 7-10 months session often features a baby’s new and exciting ability to sit up, play with toys, and even show off some stylish and newly grown hair.

Booking a 12-18 months session for a child is likely the time to see a once stationary baby now standing ease! By the time a baby turns one-year-old, many are walking around with a certain amount of confidence. A cake smash photoshoot is a popular choice at this point in time.

Booking a Studio Session

Milestone photographer Bree Adams creates seamless studio sessions that are welcoming, fun, and relaxing for parents and children alike. Photos are taken in a comprehensive studio setting using simple backdrops and props that keep the baby the center of attention at all times.

While the focus is firmly on capturing those milestone moments, that doesn’t mean there aren’t options to include fun extras in the pictures! Families are welcome to involve other people, animals, or favorite toys in the photos as well upon request.

Small children tend to come with small attention spans, so it’s to be expected that little ones may lose interest in the photography process rather quickly. To that end, families can expect a session to last no longer than 1-hour. The experience is always child-led, so when the baby is ready to call it a day, you can be on your way without any stress or worry.

How to Prepare for a Milestone Photography Session

It’s always a good idea to arrive early for a milestone photography session and make sure to have special props for the photos in hand. Many families choose to bring special toys or books that little ones love at their particular stage of life.

Those who are planning on having photos taken in multiple outfits will want to have those in place as well. Having a lineup of attire makes for a more streamlined photo process.

What it’s Like Working with Photographer Bree Adams

Families looking for milestone photography in Mansfield will find working with photographer Bree Adams to be an inspiring experience. With years of committed work to her name and a true passion for capturing precious childhood memories on film, Bree’s dedication shows up in each and every photograph she produces.

Make sure new life skills, growth, and those fun first year moments are always available for reflecting on by booking a milestone photography session for your child with Bree Adams.

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