Mansfield Baby Photographer wins Dallas Photographer of the Year & selected for TEAM USA World Photographic Cup in 2018

Master Photographer, Photographic Craftsman and Certified Professional Photographer, Bree Adams is an international multi-award-winning maternity, newborn and family photographer located in historic Mansfield. Bree Adams Photography specializes in the high end luxury experience. Our services go beyond the ordinary studio and takes our clients to the next level with full wardrobe options, an onsite hair and makeup stylist and top quality products. Join the hundreds of families who have trusted us with their most precious moments.

Bree Adams Photography Mansfield

Bree Adams took up photography as a hobby. Her first experience came from taking pictures to raise money for charitable organizations, working out of a small digital studio in the greater Dallas area. Building on her skills and seeking a more practical way to serve the ministries she partnered with, Bree expanded her operations and went professional.

Since then, Bree’s ascent in professional photography has been non-stop. She obtained her Master of Photography and Professional Craftsman degree and opened her studio as a family photographer in Mansfield, specializing in maternity and newborn pictures.

Bree’s work has won widespread acclaim. She’s won multiple professional awards, including Dallas Photographer of the Year, Gold and Platinum International Photographer of the Year, and was named one of Texas’s Top Ten Photographers for multiple years. As a member of Team USA in the 2018 World Photographic Cup, Bree helped the Americans win first place. She’s been the subject of numerous feature articles about her work and was featured on the cover of Professional Photographer magazine.

Bree is a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with the Professional Photographers of America, a highly exclusive designation awarded to less than 10% of all full-time photographers. The certification confirms her advanced abilities in photography through a rigorous sequence of training and tests.

Bree’s standing as one of her industry’s top experts has increased in recent years. She’s in demand as a national speaker at numerous professional and educational seminars, such as the Imaging USA conference where she’s given keynote addresses. Bree shares her knowledge with aspiring students as an educator, teaching sold-out classes at institutions like the Texas School of Photography, Professional Photographers of San Antonio, and more. A devoted member of her community, Bree still gives some of her proceeds to the charities she worked with at the beginning of her career.

Bree’s attention to artistry sets her work apart in the fields of newborn and maternity photography. Using a variety of lighting and staging techniques, she captures the family spirit in striking, elegant, and emotional detail. As a mother of four, Bree brings her family sensibility to every piece she produces, from the expectant phase and childbirth to milestones and birthdays.

With fully equipped facilities, an expert staff, a keen eye, and a passion for storytelling, Bree Adams aspires to make her studio the first choice for family, maternity and newborn photography in Mansfield.

Maternity Photography

There’s a natural and rare beauty in expectant motherhood. The last few weeks before delivery bring a sense of anticipation and emotion that’s unique to pregnancy. They’re moments we remember and cherish for years afterward.

As an award-winning maternity photographer in Mansfield, Bree Adams captures those final weeks in striking and beautiful detail. We offer mothers-to-be their choice from our elegant wardrobe. Our professional stylists provide indulgent and stunning hairdressing and makeup. Bree determines the ideal backdrop, lighting, and staging to complement each subject with grace and subtlety.

We prepare our luxurious maternity photography sessions to create a permanent celebration of your motherhood and your child—one that will resound with you, your child, your family and friends for generations to come.

Newborn Photography in Mansfield

Even years after they’re taken, newborn baby pictures have tremendous emotional power. They remind us of the delicacy of human life and our common beginnings. Over time they represent the creation and measure the growth of the children we love.

As a mother of four, Bree Adams understands the sensitivity of new parenthood and the feelings a new baby elicits. As an award-winning newborn photographer, she has a distinctive eye and talent for touching images of the beginning of life. Bree’s relaxing and sympathetic manner with newborns makes for a simpler, serene photo session. Her imagination and technique allow for several options that present your child in unexpected and striking settings.

Bree Adams creates unforgettable images of children and families that endure through generations and will do so for your newborn baby.

Milestones Photography

What they say about raising a child is true: The time flies by. The first year of a child’s existence can see them triple in size as they gain more confidence and independence. Moments like first words, first steps, birthdays, and making new friends can feel as though they’re over far too quickly—sometimes too swiftly to notice.

Bree Adams, a professionally certified family photographer in Mansfield, offers a variety of deluxe sessions to capture those milestones when they happen. Her photographs catch the spontaneity and joy of a new life in its first year, from month to month, or on special occasions. Bree's creative awareness and craft ensure that the fleeting moments in your baby's life will be seen and remembered for decades to come.

Family Photography

Just as they’ve been for decades, photographs are still the most meaningful, vivid ways to tell a family’s story. While family snapshots relate parts of that story, professional family photographs can convey something more substantial and stir. They’re lasting images that connect us with a greater history.

Bree Adams, a professionally certified family photographer in Mansfield, maintains a portfolio of classic pictures that present families in their most human light. An expert at making her subjects feel at ease, Bree creates images that evoke the heart of a close family relationship. Whether it’s a positioned or candid shoot with parents, siblings, individuals, or the whole family, Bree always finds the connections and affection in the ties that bind.

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