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Time moves quickly which makes capturing those meaningful family moments that much more important. When you’re looking for a family photographer in Mansfield that knows how to frame your family with authenticity and style, Bree Adams Photography is the place to be.

Family Photos that Last a Lifetime with Bree Adams Photography

Getting the entire family together for a photo that’s meant to last a lifetime can feel overwhelming for many. However, those who schedule their family portraits with Bree Adams Photography will find the process to be not only fun and stress-free but memorable too!

As a trusted family photographer in Mansfield, Bree Adams is well-versed in knowing what it takes to help families feel comfortable and cared for during their session. She brings a keen eye to your family photography appointment in order to capture those unique moments that truly highlight the natural beauty of your family.

Imperfections are to be expected in life, but family photos captured at Bree Adams Photography focus on natural movement and light instead. This strategy allows for photos to be the result of sessions that are carefree and stay away from stiff or unnatural poses.

As an experienced and dedicated family photographer, Bree Adams knows this brings out the true character of the family. It also creates a more enjoyable environment for everyone during a photo shoot.

When and Where will Family Photos be Taken?

The time and location of your family photos in Mansfield is always a customized choice when you work with Bree Adams Photography. That said, early morning sessions are often ideal thanks to great lighting and energized children who will likely be more refreshed early on as opposed to late afternoon sessions.

Family photography sessions are often framed outdoors at a location of your choosing. When you’re not sure what might work, Bree is happy to provide a list of locations that have proven to be beautiful backdrops for family photos.

While outdoor photo shoots offer up beautiful scenery selections, they’re also beneficial to those families taking photos with little ones. Providing children with the room they crave to play and run during a photo session can result in some of the most natural and inspiring results possible.

Making the Most of Family Portraits in Mansfield

Family portraits are lasting treasures and it’s important to capture your loved ones on film in a way that’s meaningful. To that end, anyone you would like to have in your photos is more than welcome to participate in the session.

While sessions are limited to immediate family, other sessions are booked to include extended family and friends of the family. If your family portraits in Mansfield wouldn’t be complete without your furry friend, pets are invited to the session too!

Deciding on What to Wear

Ultimately, the goal of a family photo is to capture an authentic moment where you look and feel like yourselves. When trying to decide what to wear, it’s important that everyone in the family feels comfortable during the session.

In general, simple clothing works well and if you can avoid logos or bold patterns, it’s often preferable. Because many family photo sessions are held outdoors, layering is a good way to be prepared for fluctuating temperatures. Layering also provides options for varying looks and styles and can be strategic when little ones are involved.

If you do decide to go with a more unified family appearance, choose varying shades within the same color palette and stick with a common pattern. This makes for streamlined results that highlight the best of everyone in the photo.

What to Bring to the Session

Family photos can really come to life when they include accessories that speak to your family's interests. Many families choose to bring along some of their children’s favorite toys and games while packing a jar of bubbles can create interest and engagement for little ones.

Many families also find it beneficial to have snacks on hand for little ones who might experience fluctuating energy levels throughout the session. Of course, snacks also work well for pets that are lined up to be a part of the photo shoot too.

What Can I Expect at My Family Photo Session with Bree Adams?

Your family photo experience should be a memorable one for the entire family, and that’s just what Bree Adams offers up. Working with an experienced and local photographer is a sure way to guarantee your family’s most precious moments will be captured.

There’s no need to stress about the process when amazing photos are yours for the enjoying with Bree Adams Photography. Passionate about the people she serves and the projects she takes on, you’ll know you’re in good hands when you schedule a family photo session with Bree Adams. Reach out today to learn more about booking your next session!

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