Fully Vaccinated Photographer - 100 percent COVID Safety Record

The world may have slowed in the midst of the coronavirus Pandemic, but life hasn’t. While there have been hurdles we’ve all had to climb, if you’ve experienced pregnancy and childbirth in the midst of this new normal, it’s likely that you’ve been facing even greater obstacles.

A lot of compromise is necessary. Maybe you had to attend a baby shower over Zoom. Maybe you went to a lot of appointments on your own when you would’ve gone with your partner normally. It’s a beautiful time, even with the struggle, but with near-constant restrictions, it can be hard to know what to expect.

You’ve probably had to give up a lot in the name of sticking to what’s objectively deemed safe and “essential.” But we believe that staging photos of you and your newborn IS absolutely essential to capture that blossom of new life, and we’ve found a safe way to make that happen.

Bree Adams Photography

Bree Adams has run a successful photography studio in Mansfield, Texas, for over a decade. She has a Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degree, in addition to her license as a Certified Professional Photographer. This certification is one more testament to her skill and is something that less than 10% of studios have to their name

Adams has won several awards, including the Dallas Portrait Photographer of the Year Award. She’s also had a feature on the cover of “Professional Photographers of America” magazine. She’s been praised for steady hands in a variety of subjects, but those same hands were also used to nurture and raise four kids of her own.

It’s because of this that she understands the fleeting nature of early childhood. For this reason, she works to use her education and experience to capture that magic on film.

Photography (Pandemic-Style)

You need a photographer that will prioritize the safety of your family, new members and old. As a former nurse, Bree Adams has a perspective and scope of education that leaves no room for error. She takes pride in being fully vaccinated and observing all precautions necessary for her studio to be clean and safe.

This means wearing a mask, yes, but it also means deep cleaning the studio twice a month through professional services. It means sanitizing all surfaces and furniture you and your newborn may come in contact with, from door handles to leather furniture. She is able to do this -- and make sure it’s done effectively -- by limiting sessions to one a day and less than ten a month.

The company has also invested in a UV light sanitizer wand, which has been proven to kill almost 100% of surface bacteria, along with most virus and mold spores. Together with the other tactics, this creates a membrane of safety procedures that ensures the safety of everyone involved in your session.

Your newborn won’t be new forever. You’ll love them at every stage of their growth, but you’ll appreciate looking back and seeing how small a thing they once were. So make an appointment with Bree Adams Photography, where you can capture an unbelievable moment in life without sacrificing safety.

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