Going BEYOND the headshot
Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a specialty that goes beyond the basic headshot. Branding is connecting to your clients and customers visually to fill your social media and website content. This session captures you professionally while still engaging a message to your audience to connect with you personally.

Branding sessions can also incorporate your product and services. Our PB services are ALL-INCLUSIVE packages. This means your images are already included in your package price. Sessions can be in the studio, at your personal location or we have locations to choose from.

Simple Branding Package
Complimentary Hair and Makeup

This session is ideal for professionals needing images for websites, brochures, social media, and publications with minimal product shots. It focuses on the person, their personality, and the services offered.

  • In-studio photo session (1 -2 hours)
  • Full branding consultation
  • Gallery of 15 digital images

  • Fully edited
  • High resolution
  • Print release
  • Cropped to needed specifications
  • Recommended 2-3 outfits
  • Upgrade to a stylized location $199

Deluxe Branding Session
Complimentary Hair and Makeup

This session is a perfect fit for the entrepreneur and professional who needs a blend of images that focuses on not just the person but also the integration of product focus or service industry. This package provides a larger variety of content.

In-studio photo session with your personal location added on. (2-4 hours)

Full branding consultation

Gallery of 25 images

Fully edited

High resolution

Print release

Cropped to needed specifications

Recommended 3-4 outfits

Add one of our Deluxe residential spaces for an accelerated high-end feel for $199. We have carefully selected houses and lofts that are perfect for Realtors, Designers, or magazine shoots.

VIP Branding Session
Complimentary Hair and Makeup

This session is for the client who needs the ultimate variety of images, from location to style. Choose from a variety of locations we offer, including a studio session. This is a great session to also mix in products and services.

Choice of two locations

Full Branding consult

Gallery of 40 images

Fully edited

High resolution

Print release

Cropped to needed specifications

Recommended 3-4 outfits

Add one of our Deluxe residential spaces for an accelerated high-end feel for $199. We have carefully selected houses and lofts perfect for Realtors, Designers, or Magazine shoots.

Bree Adams Photography
Effective personal branding is an important part of connecting clients to a business. At Bree Adams Photography, it’s easy to create attention-grabbing personal branding photography in the Dallas area. Our photos inevitably stand out in a crowd!

What Is Personal Branding?

A personal branding photographer must understand what personal branding is all about. At Bree Adams Photography, we create professional images that help entrepreneurs build their brands.

Personal branding photography considers a brand’s message and business mission. It pairs those with colors and personality traits to create an epic photoshoot. As a personal branding photographer in Arlington, Bree Adams can pinpoint unique features through the lens. She focuses on elements that help branding photographs stand out.

A personal brand is an experience created for a business’s clients and followers. It’s designed to capture attention whether prospective clients scroll through Instagram or pass by a storefront.

When you book a personal branding photography session, the experience often includes personal items in the photos, such as a favorite coffee mug, journal, calendar, or even family photos. These items individualize the final results and create an image that connects with customers.

Above all, personal branding photography is about showcasing a subject’s personality. These photos tell a story, create an approachable vibe, and elevate the brand.

How Personal Branding Differs from Traditional Headshots

When looking for a personal branding photographer in the Dallas area, there are differences to be aware of. It’s essential to understand how these photos differ from traditional headshots. While headshots follow strict sizing requirements and pose parameters, personal branding photography revolves around a subject’s lifestyle.

Lifestyle photos offer the freedom to be a bit more casual. They can even be action shots of the subject interactive with their product or business tools. Personal branding images give viewers a glimpse into the subject’s life, interests, and business persona.

Personal branding photography in Mansfield typically showcases a subject's personal style. These images showcase a subject’s industry knowledge and customized taste. Often, personal branding images include background items like pictures, unique props, or fun furniture.

How Can Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Use Personal Branding Photography?

There are many beneficial uses for personal branding images. Arlington will find that those who have invested in personal branding photography will find that their photos work well on everything from business cards to websites.

Similarly, personal branding photos are compelling on email signatures, blogs, and newsletters. You can use them in your business profile, online accounts, and LinkedIn pages.

These images are particularly successful when curated into social media. Utilizing these photos on Instagram and Facebook posts or using them in ads and banners creates a cohesive marketing strategy.

Personal Branding Photography Packages

At Bree Adams Photography, each personal branding photo is always unique. Customers will find the photoshoot experience is, too! Pick and choose from various photography packages to fit your every need when you partner with us.

Simple Session

Professionals who book the simple session have photos that work well across social media platforms, websites, and brochures. The simple session lasts one to two hours and focuses on the subject’s personality and business services.

This option allows customers to utilize one to two different outfits and includes a full branding consultation. After the session, fifteen high-resolution digital images are yours to enjoy.

Deluxe Experience

The deluxe personal branding package is preferred by professionals who need photos with a more extensive range of content. These photos integrate personality and focus on the professional services provided.

Within the deluxe experience, customers enjoy a 2- to 4-hour session with a complete branding consultation and three to four outfit changes. The session provides 25 high-resolution photos that are fully edited and cropped to perfection.


When location, style, and business focus must be highlighted in your brand, a VIP session experience is the right choice. This session option shoots in two locations with three to four outfit changes, resulting in a large variety of 40 photos.

Who Benefits From Personal Branding Photography?

Personal branding photography is a versatile imaging style. Its benefits extend to professionals of many types. These photos can be used by entrepreneurs, musicians, small business owners, and authors alike. Coaches, consultants, fitness experts, models, bloggers, and social media influencers can also benefit from personal branding photography.

The Power of Personal Branding Photography

Marketing your business with personal branding photography is a smart strategy. It quickly sets you apart from the competition.

It helps your audience connect with your brand. Personal branding photography also provides a path for meaningful interactions with potential leads.

Incorporating personal branding photography into marketing efforts builds trust and credibility across channels. It allows entrepreneurs to increase engagement on social media platforms and provides prospective customers with more powerful content to enjoy.

Locations for Your Photo Session

At Bree Adams Photography, customers always have choices for photoshoot locations to match their needs and style. Whether you’re looking for a classy, funky, bright, professional, or eclectic setting, we have a place for you!

We work across Mansfield, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Dallas, and beyond. Our many locations bring out the best colors, styles, and interior aesthetics to bring branding images to life in style.

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